Natural Dye Kit

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Looking for a way to explore self-care through the process of making?  Looking for a great gift for a friend or loved one?  This Natural Dye Kit is a good way to explore using organic dyestuffs and food by-products to dye silk.  Each kit comes with a jute cord, a 6"x24" silk scarf, a package of dyestuff, and directions.

Dive into the natural dye process.  Steep fibers in the dyestuff to develop color and patterns on silk.  Wear your finished silk scarf around your neck, in your hair, tied to the loop of your favorite pants or around your purse strap.

Take pictures of your finished silk.  Explore self-portraits or flat lays. Be creative and post the images on Instagram and tag @shopseephillips, #shopseephillips.  

**There may be some delays due to Covid-19. We will keep you updated if any of this affects the shipment of your order.  Thank you for your patience and understanding during these times.